QA Testing

QA Testing

Software Development Offshore is a top QA and software testing company based out in India. It provides entire range of software testing services for web and mobile apps using manual and automated testing methods and best-practices as per the industry standards. It is rightly said that no real-world software is 100 percent free of bugs or issues. The best thing you can do as a specialized testing company is to thoroughly test and make sure you fix the issues in real quick time. has an experienced team of testing professionals who are trained to handle complex business requirements. You can hire some of the top quality assurance testers from Software Development Offshore as they are capable enough to work not only for big brands but also for some of the amazing startups as well.

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If you are looking for specific testing services that meets your requirements. You can get in touch with us. You can fill up the Contact Us form available on our registered website or drop us your project related inquiry below. You can also give us a call at +91-8296791277. Our consultants will reach out to you and let you know what is best suited for your business from testing perspective.

Quality Assurance (QA) Testing Services

Software Development Offshore provide world-class professional software testing services to our clients located in different geographies. We provide testing services to startups as well as large enterprises as well. We provide managed testing services, project specific testing and test cases production. The managed testing services is a part of software development lifecycle which is performed using either our world-class testing processes or internally. The project specific testing focuses on a single module or specific project where it goes through vigorous tests to make sure that the system is working properly from functionality perspective. The quality assurance testing professionals write high-end test cases which are verified or validated by development team. Ben Solutions also works on Agile QA Testing which works on incremental or iterative way of testing the system. The testing team works closely with relevant stakeholders in every sprint to make sure that proper testing approach is followed before the system goes to the customer for acceptance. It is the next generation testing process where testing professionals work in a fast paced environment and ensure quality assurance software is delivered on time.

Types of Testing

Software Development Offshore Quality Assurance testing professionals provide high-quality testing services for manual testing, automated testing, acceptance testing, application testing, performance testing and mobile app testing. We also have developed our own internal testing framework for better results in the longer run. It is all about being innovative and thinking out-of the box to get things done.

 Manual Testing

The manual testing is performed by our team of manual testers. The manual testers can contribute individually or work in dedicated teams to test the system for errors or issues. Manual testing is another great way to test the performance of the system and ensure it is bug-free. We at Ben Solutions use Easy QA tool for handling manual testing requirements.

Automated Testing

Automation Testing is one of the biggest upcoming trends in software industry and Software Development Offshore is completely aware of this fact. The automated testing is completely different from the manual one and involves use of automation testing framework. We at Software Development Offshore use Selenium-Appium Hybrid framework for automation testing. It is a combination of two open source automation tools coded in Java – Selenium Web Driver and Appium. Selenium web driver is used for web automation and Appium can be used with native and hybrid mobile apps.

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